What are the benefits of anaerobic exercise? 


What is anaerobic exercise?  

  • Anaerobic exercise is an intense workout which burns up glucose through a process called glycolysis.

Does this not also produce lactic acid?

  • Yes it does. This causes your muscles to feel tired after the intense workout.

So is anaerobic exercise really good for me?

  • Anaerobic exercise can increase your tolerance to higher levels of lactic acid, meaning that you will feel less and less fatigued.

OK, but I want to lose weight – can it really help?

  • It sure can, but to maximize the benefits we suggest to combine anaerobic exercise with lower intensity aerobic exercises through a system called High Intensity Interval Training  (H.I.I.T.). This is a modern method which is suitable especially for people who want to lose weight, but have a busy life and not a huge amount of time at their disposal. Combining the workouts   – and of course, repeating on a regular basis  – will lead to improved fat breakdown.

This sounds like an incredibly punishing routine How can I possibly keep up with that? 

  • The anaerobic part of the work out does not necessarily need to be long – it can be just for 30 seconds – or a few minutes depending on your condition. It is very important to warm up and to cool down before and after the routine

1 Minute Weight Loss

I tried so many dieting methods without real success  – is this just another that will get me nowhere fast? 

  • The most important tip for a true diet is that dieting has to begin in the mind. You have to persuade yourself that you want to succeed (Check out this short book which gives you practical help to enable you to establish the mindset you need to achieve your goal:  Losing Weight – Persuade Yourself to Succeed).

OK, so where do I go from here? I want to start today!

  • You will find many examples of anaerobic and of course aerobic exercises on YouTube. However, we would recommend adopting the H.I.I.T. method systematically and to control your own progress. One very useful all-round tool is the 1 Minute Weight Loss program. This system includes over 2 hours of professionally shot instructional videos, weight loss recipes and meal plans, and high quality illustrated guides – and uses the H.I.I.T. method as it’s cornerstone.

Great and I will lose weight in one minute?

  • Of course not – but take this seriously – correct your mindset  – and you will start to make progress before you know it.

We wish your every success  – please feel free to let us know when it starts working out for you!

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