The BACKABOO DIRECTORY –  a Plethora of Crypto Websites. Constantly Updated

The BACKABOO DIRECTORY is a new site which aims to list a large number of crypto sites – in a growing number of categories. Looking for a Faucet, or a Crypto Exchange – here you will find a link easily and quickly.

Each site link also contains Affiliate Information, and as our site traffic grows, Affiliate link owners can benefit from registrations, sign ups and more.

For each site, the Affiliate Link is rented on a monthly basis. The expiry date of each link is shown for each site.

How can I get my Affiliate link placed on BACKABOO? (see also FREE OFFER)

For sites that are not yet listed : Submit the site to us including affiliate link. The very special limited period introductory price for a new affiliated listing is TRX 50 for one month (2 months TRX 75 – 3 months TRX 100). Quantity discounts are also available on request. We will send you the address to remit to after receipt of your submission. The link is activated within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.

After one month the link will expire. We will send you a renewal notice before expiry giving you the option to extend the link for a further month. There are however no automaic renewals. The existing affiliate linkholder has priority renewal for three months.

For sites that are already listed : Submit the site to us including affiliate link. The introductory price for an existing affiliated listing is TRX 150 for one month (2 months TRX 250 – 3 months TRX 300. Quantity discounts are also available on request. The EXISTING link holder has priority for a total of three months. Thereafter the link slot is available for another party. Links can therefore be ordered in advance – but might not be actually available for a period of between one and three months (depending on whether priority holder wishes to renew).


Special introductory offer: Your Affiliate Link FREE for 14 days. No automatic renewal. Please include the words FREE OFFER in your submission.

Community Spirit

We ask users to support each other. If you ask for your affiliate link to be added to our site, please consider also signing up to other websites through our existing links. Helping each other can go a long way – the whole idea of Backaboo is that it not only provides a valuable and comprehensive service, but that Affiliates are offered an additional way of monetizing their own links.

Future Plans

We have a number of plans for future development and marketing of Backaboo. These will be unveiled as they are implented. Early adopters and supporters will be supported and rewarded in terms of pricing breaks etc. as the site develops. Be with us – and wait and see 🙂